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[1] Anche io sono Bonora, a me con bonora viene in mente bonora = la mattina presto... forse i miei avi si svegliavano presto per qualche motivo....
bonora 15/09/2009 14:23:00

[2] pare che le origini del cognome bonora siano della bassa baviera, successivamente ci fu una migrazione verso sud in particolare nel trentino (monti lessini) e veneto e marginalmente in lombardia. poi per sopravvivenza si ebbe una ulteriore migrazione verso parti della pianura padana bonificata confinante col veneto come la provincia di ferrara.
bonora michele 09/07/2010 13:00:00

[3] Secondo le mie ricerche bonora. deriva dal nome degli appezzamenti di terra che venivano regalati hai legionari romani che arrivavano all`eta della "pensione". che venivano chiamati la buona ora cioe` l`ora del riposo. anche se non so` per quale motivo ci siano molti zingari con lo stesso nome.
bonora gian luca 10/02/2011 12:58:00

[4] dalle mie ricerche di archivio (sono giunto al 1400) il mio cognome deriva dal nome di un mio avo che tra il 1500 e il 1600si è trasformato in cognome, in sintonia con quanto riportano alcuni siti sull etimologia dei cognomi.
bonora s. 30/09/2011 20:44:00

[5] Allow me to write in English. I am originally from the South of Greece. Looking at the family records we found out that in the family of my great grandmother the first name Calogero was very often. We knew that the family had come from Italy originally but we had no extra information. As Calogero is a very common name in Southern Italy we deduct they were from the South rather than the North which would have made more sense as there has been a strong Venetian presence in this part of Greece for centuries. Nevertheless, the name Bonora is almost rare in Southern Italy and over the time it seems that there has been some migration from the North. We made us think that probably they were from Spain originally. Indeed the name Bonora was a common name in Spain, aslo appearing as Buenahora and Orabuena. And it seems it was Jewish families. At that time, parts of Italy including the South were parts of the Spanish Empire and the inquisition had not arrived yet. As a result some of these families migrated to Italy and from there to other parts. From my research the name Bonora appears first in Spain and later on in Italy. Again if someone has provide more information, more than welcome. Also bonora in Italian means early in the morning wheras in old Spanish it meant good luck and it makes more sense to name someone good luck , fortunate than early in the morning ... Bonora is a very common word in Ladino, meaning good luck . Vete con bonora...


Bonora 20/01/2013 18:39:00

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Bonora 02/10/2017 11:39

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Bonora 12/10/2017 01:18

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